With the job market at its most competitive in a decade, the toughest sale you may ever have to make today is selling yourself. While it seems like telling your own story should be easy enough, job hunting is more complex than ever.

  • Hundreds of people from around the country and the world are likely competing for the same job you are.
  • Hiring bots (ATS) will delete your resume before a human even sees it if you don’t describe your work experience using precisely the right keywords.
  • Your past experience isn’t enough; today you must show that you can create value for an employer on day one.
  • Not only are your timeline resume, competencies resume and cover letter under scrutiny, but your entire personal brand—from LinkedIn, to YouTube to anything in a Google search.

While the formulaic product specifications above are definitely critical to your job search—and we’ll help you produce them—people don’t buy products. They buy stories that enable them to make an emotional connection with a product, person or service that can help them solve a

What sets Thompson + Conard apart from recruiters and career coaches is that we’ve spent 20 years in marketing communications helping people build just those kinds of stories behind their products. Today we use the same tools, tactics and strategies to help clients’ sell their personal brands to their future employers.

Our Methodology

Find your story

  • In-depth interviews
  • Goal setting
  • Define personal brand

Write your story

  • Resume that maps your experience by time
  • Resume that maps your experience by competency
  • Cover letter describing what you can do for each potential employer
  • Key messaging to keep you focused on critical points

Bullet-proof your story

  • Align job description keywords with resume
  • FAQ of key and difficult questions
  • Research company on Glassdoor.com/Comparably.com
  • Assessment of your social media profiles

Tell your story

  • Recorded mock interview training
  • Post-interview follow-up and course correct as needed

We work on an hourly billing basis, but offer packages that cap hours so you will never have unexpected costs. And unlike other firms, we do not expect a percentage of your salary when you land a new gig. We’re excited to help you!