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Newspaper article about COVID-19

COVID PHRASES — Comforting or just lazy?

Literally everyone has had to do communications around COVID-19 over the last few months — whether external to audiences as varied as retail distributors or internally to reassure employees on safety precautions. Like many in the world of communications, we’ve been guilty of falling into the habit of using common, seemingly acceptable phrases such as “in an abundance of caution”; “the new normal” and “challenging times”. But are using the same phrases repeatedly comforting and reassuring the population? Or are we just being lazy? did an interesting informal survey via twitter — the full results are here. This was conducted back in May, but hey it’s mid-July and we’re still saying the same thing…
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Tools for Communicating in the Age of COVID-19

We’ve had plenty of COVID-19 “Stay In Place” time to think about the fundamentals of writing and helping clients with best practices and reaching consensus quickly during these challenging times. This article on LinkedIn or Medium shares some thoughts on tools and best practices that work for us. These include research studies on the harmful effects of jargon/corporate speak, long sentences and long words and also free resources that give you readability metrics such as WebFX.