The Great Resignation has made it more difficult than ever to find marketing and communications people. Until you find that perfect person you’re looking for, Thompson + Conard can help by temporarily filling in.

Get you back on track

We can take over critical projects that are falling behind and get them back on track and off your to-do list. We bring 40-plus years of experience in marketing and communications, media relations, bylined articles, social media, press releases, events, speaking and internal communications.

Help with hiring

We’ve been hiring people for 40 years and we can spot the good from the not-so-good candidates. We can take over the screening and interviewing process, saving you hours of time by bringing you thoroughly vetted candidates.

Smooth handoff

When you find the right person, we’ll ensure your new hire hits the ground running and gets a smooth handoff of all projects. If you need us for other projects in the future, we’re there to help.